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Why Solar Street Light Batteries Are Generally Buried?
Mar 01, 2018

1, anti-theft: battery high prices, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand, long-term security is easy to stolen, so buried, you can reduce the possibility of theft.

2, waterproof: the most afraid of the battery water, although most of the battery waterproofing measures now, buried underground, and cement treatment around to further strengthen the waterproofing measures.

3, antifreeze: the colder the weather, the lower the battery life will be reduced, very few will stop the battery work, so buried under the ground can maintain a certain temperature.

In summary, the common solar street light battery using buried, mainly battery function is weak, so in other areas to strengthen, buried is one of the best solution. Like our company's lithium battery solar street lights do not need to use this buried, not only saves installation steps, but also improve the battery life.